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Antiemetics and Antinauseants
Dopamine receptor antagonistsDomperidone10mg tablet: £0.66 (30)A European review confirmed a small increased risk of serious cardiac side effects. A higher risk was observed particularly in people older than 60 years, people taking daily oral domperidone doses of more than 30 mg, and those taking QT-prolonging medicines or CYP3A4 inhibitors at the same time as domperidone.
Domperidone is no longer licensed for use in children younger than 12 years or those weighing less than 35 kg because of a lack of evidence for benefit.
For adults and adolescents over 12 years of age and weighing 35 kg or more, the recommended maximum dose in 24 hours is 30 mg (10 mg up to three times a day)
The maximum treatment duration should not usually exceed one week.
The overall safety profile of domperidone, and in particular its cardiac risk and potential interactions with other medications, should be taken into account if there is a clinical need to use it at doses or durations greater than those authorised (e.g., to control side effects of Parkinson’s disease treatment in some patients).
See See MHRA Drug Safety Update (December 2014) for Domperidone: risks of cardiac side effects and post-publication note (December 2019)
1mg/ml oral suspension sugar free: £24.85 (200 ml)
Metoclopramide10mg tablet: £0.98
5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free: £19.79 (150 ml)
Antipsychotic- first generation Prochlorperazine5mg tablet: £1.34
5mg/5ml oral solution: £3.34 (100 ml)
Prochlorperazine 3mg buccal tablets are non- formulary as not cost effective