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BNF Chapter 9: Nutrition and blood
9.1 Anaemias and some other blood disorders
Iron deficiencyFerrous fumarate 210mg tablets: £3.50 (84)
322mg tablets: £0.95 (28)
210mg Ferrous fumarate provides 68mg elemental iron, usual dose 210mg tds.
322mg Ferrous fumarate provides 100mg elemental iron, usual dose 322mg bd
Ferrous sulphate is no longer included in the formulary as Ferrous fumarate provides equivalent at lower cost. For reference 200mg Ferrous sulphate tablets provide 65mg elemental iron.
as Galfer®
140mg/5ml £5.33 (300ml)
Megaloblastic anaemiaFolic acid400mcg tablets: £2.71 (90)
5mg tablets: £1.06 (28)
400mcg daily is indicated for prevention of neural tube defects
Hydroxocobalamin1mg/ml injection: £10.28 (5)